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Door solutions. 

Nicos Group, Inc, based in Norwood New Jersey,  recently opened a new Division : Nicos Group - Door solutions - 
We are proud to introduce the partnership with three big worldwide players on door system:

Moreschi - Industrial doors -
Dos & Donts - Access controls
Nicomac - Clean room door system

The division Door Solutions of Nicos Group Inc. is the answer for all the needs for both end users and dealers for Industrial doors, Cleanroom doors and Access control.

Through our facility in Norwood New Jersey we provide sales, installation services and technical support for the Moreschi doors, Dos & Donts interlocking and security system and Nicomac Cleanroom doors.

Moreschi, Dos and Donts and Nicomac are market leaders in Europe respectively for industrial doors, access control and Clean room system.

Through the Door solutions division of Nicos group, Inc. and out of the Norwood, NJ facility, Moreschi, Dos and Donts and Nicomac can provide the excellent support that their unique product need. 


Why selecting the Nicos Group Door solutions?


Moreschi Industrial Doors


  • Durable, reliable and price competitive doors
  • Roll up and rapid doors for warehouse and clean areas
  • Insulated closing sytems
  • Sectional doors – Garage doors


Dos and Donts Access Control


  • Flexible, user friendly and State of the art Access Control System
  • Interlocking from two up to ….millions of doors
  • Security systems
  • Easy to program and reprogram


Nicomac Clean room doors


  • Single double swing out, sliding or rapid roll up doors  (by Moreschi)
  • Resistant to sterilizing and washing agents and easy to clean Cleanroom doors
  • Designed to be flush to the wall in clean room areas
  • Both solid with window or full glass clean room doors


Contact us at or at 201 768 9501, we will be more than happy to explain how Nicos Group - Door solution can be your partner and the solutions for all your needs of Industrial doors, Door access systems and  Doors for clean areas